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To deliver air to the air-conditioner space, air carriers are needed. These carriers are called ducts. Ducts are made of sheet metal or some structural material that will noncombustible. There are four (4) common type of ducts:

** Galvanized-Steel Duct
Many air distribution systems are fabricated from a material known as galvanized-steel metal. Galvanized steel is steel sheet metal that has been treated with zinc to form a coating on the surface of the metal.

Air Duct & Ventilation

Fibreglass Duct** Fibreglass Duct
Fibreglass duct is furnished in two styles:
> flat sheets for fabrication
> round prefabricated duct

> easily transported
> easily assembled in the fields
> vary quiet


** Flexible Duct
Flexible duct is an easily installation because the run can be aligned easily unlike rigid duct, which must be aligned exactly.

Flexible Duct


** Fabric Duct
Fabric duct offers a variety of benefits that traditional solution often cannot. They are constructed of fabric shaped as cylindrical tubes, half-round or quarter panel.

Why Fabric Duct?Fabric Duct
> Superior Air Dispersion
> Simple & Easy Installation
> Balancing
> Light Weight
> Reducing Transportation Cost
> Minimize risks of Damage
> Hygience

Fabric Duct



Ducting Accessories


Air Duct Decontamination ServicesAIR DUCT DECONTAMINATION

Widely Needed Service.....
The American Lung Association estimates that we spend 90% of our time indoors. Indoor air pollution can be 2 to 3 times more contaminated than outdoor pollution. It's easy to see how a workplace could be harmful to a person's health.

Indoor Air Pollution.....
The 'SICK BUILDING SYNDROME' is a National problem affecting everyone's health.

Clean HVAC System
* Increase Energy Savings
* Minimize Product Contamination
* Reduce Risks of Fire & Explosion
* Improve Health Standards
* Increase Heating / Cooling Efficiency
* Improve Plant and Office Environment Brighten Employee and Public Image

Central Air Duct System Disease.....

Contamination builds up overtime in air systems. Heat and moisture are introduced into air ducts both in the heating and cooling season which acts as an incubator (causing germs, fungi, bacteria and dust mites to grow.) THOUSANDS OF SICK BUILDINGS HAVE BEEN TRACED TO HAVE CONTAMINATED AIR SYSTEMS including the Logionnaire's Disease outbreak that killed 29 people in 1976 (As reported by the National)

Air Duct Decontamination

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