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Cool Room System

Our Cool Room System product category features automatic controls for air conditioning systems and refrigeration parts. Every system installed by us comes with a range of smart routines, which can help you make significant savings on electrical or energy costs while also enhancing the overall performance of your system. The lead/ lag control is available for compressions where the leading compressors first are regulated to achieve their point of maximum efficiency at full capacity after which the next compressor in line is started.

The discharge pressure control facilitates the automatic adjustment of the cooling towers or evaporative condenser until they reach their ambient conditions and actual discharge pressure. Non critical loads in the refrigeration systems are shed automatically from the system at the peak shaving functions when many consumers are started. When the rate of electricity becomes more expensive, the load can be reduced automatically at the on peak control hour. In all these applications, the routines and control measures put in place to save energy must not compromise the system reliability or interfere with the systems’ ease of use. In industrial applications, the control room is used for supervising the entire refrigeration or air conditioning system.

Installing the Cool Room System control measures comes with many benefits. To start with, the controls help in automatic saving of energy to reduce operating costs. This also means less cost of maintenance, which also extends the lifetime of the equipment by having the run time of the cooling system well optimized. This also contributes to production quality improvement by enhancing consistency in temperature control. Finally, it also helps to minimize system disturbance by availing reliable operations at the controlling unit where the entire air conditioning and refrigeration system is monitored. We will work with you to design a reliable control system that meets your specific requirements.

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Automatic Controls for Refrigeration Parts & Air Conditioning Systems

Cool Room System

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Cool Room System Cool Room System
Cool Room System Cool Room System

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