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Cooling Tower

The cooling tower is a device where heat rejection takes place. At the tower, waste heat is extracted to the atmosphere by having the water stream cooled to a reduced temperature. The heat rejection type at the cooling tower is referred to as ‘evaporative’ where a small water portion is allowed to evaporate into the moving air and provides a significant cooling effect on the rest of the water stream. The common applications where the cooling tower is used are such as providing cool water needed for air conditioning, refrigeration and other industrial uses.

You will find small water towers, which are designed for handling minimal amounts of water streams. Cooling tower is a generic term that describes both the indirect or closed circuit and direct or open circuit heat rejection devices. A cooling tower can at times be characterized by the means in which the air is moved. Some of our products like the mechanical draft cooling tower majorly rely on the power driven fans to force or draw air via the tower. The natural draft cooling tower use buoyancy of exhaust air that rises in the tall chimney for providing the draft. Cooling water can also be returned from cooling water system where it is reused and in this case, some water is added to make up or replace the portion of flow, which evaporates.

Our range of products in the cooling tower category includes the FRP induced Draft Cooling Tower Round Model, FRP induced draft cooling tower square model, wooden induced draft cooling tower and others. You can choose between the round type and cross type of cooling tower.

Dim lights

Dim lights

Cooling Tower Round Model
FRP Induced Draft Cooling Tower
Round Model
FRP Induced Draft Cooling Tower Square Model
FRP Induced Draft Cooling Tower
Square Model
Wooden Induced Draft Cooling Tower
Wooden Induced Draft
Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower Inside Structure

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Round Type

Cross Type

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