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Dehumidifier is a product that is designed and optimized to adopt advanced technology of similar products. Due to this, the product comes with super strong dehumidifying capabilities and it is highly reliable. This product makes use of the R407C green coolant for environmental protection. It is characterized by all the good things you would look for in a great dehumidifier such as light weight, small volume, moving convenience, reliability, safety and user friendliness or simple in operation. In addition, it also comes with a wide range of significant applications and you can use it in many locations that require humidification.

Nowadays, use of a dehumidifier is no longer a luxury but of critical importance in a wide range of applications. It is used to prevent dewing, mildew and bristletail. This product comes with an automatic defrosting system which makes it highly applicable in low temperature environment. The product will stop automatically after the water gets full and it is designed with over heat protection devices. Besides the dehumidifier being very useful in industrial applications where it is used to reduce moisture content, dehumidifiers at home are also very useful, especially for people with allergic conditions.

With a dehumidifier, you will never have to worry about mildew, dust mites and mold and they will never make your life a miserable one. Use of dehumidifier at home will help you start breathing again and enjoying a healthy life. Mildew and mold are fond of growing in areas that are moist such as in the cabinets under a kitchen sink or damp basements. As they reproduce through tiny pores, breathing these spores can be risky for your health and can easily lead to nasal stuffiness, skin or eye irritation and wheezing and sneezing. You need to protect your family from these health hazards by buying a dehumidifier.

This product is optimized and designed on the basis of adopting the advanced technology of the same kinds of products and it has super strong dehumidifying ability. The product uses R407C green environmental protective coolant and it has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, convenience in moving, simple in operation, safety and reliability etc. It has wide applications and can be used in various locations that need humidification.

- Prevent bristletail, mildew and dewing
It is automatic defrosting system and it is applicable in
- Low temperature environment
- It automatically stops when the water is full.
- It has overheat protection devices
- It can cover room capacity 200sqft


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