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WORLD HVAC ENGRG SDN. BHD. would like to take this opportunity to introduct ourselves as well as to give assurance on our capability in handling various allocated work for your kind consideration.

At our company, we strive to provide all customers with high quality products and services. We supply only the best products and services at an exceptional value to our clients and offer topnotch installation, maintenance and after sales support services. We stock a wide range of air conditioning equipment, including the dehumidifier and we are proud to offer our clients the most competitive deals on them. Our company is a well respected provider of air conditioning equipment for both residential and commercial clientele. Our stock comprises of specialized equipment and fast moving equipment for project which is made available to our customers on demand.

Clients who decide to use of products and services benefit from obtaining world class air conditioning equipment at amazingly inexpensive rates that are also capable of saving power thanks to the newly incorporated inverter technology. Our industrial air conditioning equipment range in size depending on your organization needs.

Our tailor made industrial air conditioning systems are a perfect choice for commercial buildings, offices, restaurants, and hotel and hospital properties.

Elecflex Hose

Elecflex Hose is made by high quality plastic and suitable using for all type air conditioning, machine and etc for industrial, commercial and household. Elecflex hose is easy and friendly installation and free maintenance for everyone

Total Aircond Solution

We provide all types of Aircond Solution included Air Cooled Split Type, Air Cooled Ducted Type, Air Cooled Chiller Unit, Air Cooled Unit, Water Cooled Chiller Type, Water Cooled Package, A.H.U. Type, Panel Air Cond Type, etc

Cool Room System

Automatic Controls for Refrigeration Parts & Air Conditioning Systems

Aircond Circulation

Air Conditioner System Circulation

Compressor Motor

Five major types of compressors are used in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry.

Panel Air Cond / Enclosure Air Cond / Cabinet Air Cond

COPE panel cooler unit aesthetically integrate into the assembly to maintain temperature stability and control as well as dust and humidity protection, for normal operation of sensitive electronic equipment without unwanted interruption.

Portable Air Conditioner | Portable Air Cond

This products is elaborately designed and manufactured with advanced rotary sealed compressor, hydrophilic membrane inner thread and high efficient heat transmitter and exchanger etc.

Cooling Tower

FRP Induced Draft Cooling Tower Round Model & Square Model, Wooden Induced Draft Cooling Tower

Shell & Tube / Condenser & Evaporator

We have supply and install condenser barrel tube, chiller barrel tube from 3.0 RT to 300.0 RT and above.

Water Cooled Chiller System

Water Cooled Chiller Circulation Plan

Vibration Springs

What is Vibration Springs? Vibration Springs is a small parts with springs installed at the footing of a machine or motor to reduce or avoid the vibration during the machine or motor operating.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

COPE brazed plate heat exchanger consists of a series of thin and corrugated stainless steel plates. These plates are pressed and brazed together with copper or nickel depending on the application.

Air Conditioning Ducting / Ventilation Ducting / Kitchen Ducting / Fabric Ducting

To deliver air to the air-conditioner space, air carriers are needed. These carriers are called ducts. Ducts are made of sheet metal or some structural material that will noncombustible.

Parts & Accessories

Our Parts & Accessories included Room themostats, Regrigerants, Insulations, Copper Fittings, Filter Driers & Cores, Pumps, Pressure & Temperature Controls, Digital Thermostats, Chemicals, Filters, Air Curtain, Replacement Coils, etc....

Electrical & Mechanical

We are expanding our company operations and activities to serve you better. We consistent and prompt services in our professional fields including servicing, repairing, installation, rewinding, overhauling and so on.

Rental Air-Conditioner System

We are also specialist in renting air-conditioner system for events or exhibition. We have extensive experience with critical cooling systems. We offer short and long term of rental services for commercial using.

Oil Cooler / Oil Chiller

Brief Introduction of Oil Cooler


This product is optimized and designed on the basis of adopting the advanced technology of the same kinds of products and it has super strong dehumidifying ability.

Environment Friendly Refrigerant (R22 To R410)

Environment Friendly Refrigerant (R22 To R410)

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