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Rental Air-Conditioner System

Our company also specializes in renting of air condition systems for exhibition or events. You can trust our extensive experience and knowledge about cooling systems and we will provide you with the best system when you want to hire one for your upcoming event. Our rental services are offered on both long term and short term for commercial using depending on your specific needs. We specialize in rental of chiller, generator set, electrical works and floor standing to meet your specific needs.

Besides the air conditioners which are available for rental at our company, you can also rent fabric ducting, ducted type air handling unit, floor standing direct blow, mist fan and air handling unit. Renting an air conditioner system is a good idea to consider not only when you have an occasion but also if your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase a unit. In this regard, renting one is always a cost effective. It is a cool idea to rent an air conditioner even if you just intend to use it for summer. It is something that many people all over the world are finding viable to do and it is worthwhile for so many reasons.

If you are travelling to an area and you don’t have the portable air conditioner with you, for some reason, you can always consider hiring the AC and sort yourself out. Over the years, the trend of renting an air conditioner has become very attractive to most people as it is much better idea finance wise. Owning an air conditioner not only requires that you pay the initial cost of the system, but you also need to meet the cost of regular maintenance and repair, which can of course be considerably high. As such, there are many reasons why renting an air conditioner is always a much better alternative.

We provide rental of chiller, floor standing, generator set and electrical works to meet your need.

Type of Air-Conditioner available for rental:-

- Air-Conditioner available for rental:-
- Ducted Type Air Handling Unit
- Fabric Ducting
- Floor Standing Direct Blow
- Air Handling Unit
- Mist Fan


Rental of 400.0 HP Air-Cooled Chiller and Generator set at Palace Of Golden Horse, Seri Kembangan, Selangor (GLAM HEART CHARITY BALL)


Rental of 400.0 HP Air-Cooled Chiller and Generator set at Palace Of Golden Horse, Seri Kembangan, Selangor (BRIDAL FAIR SHOW)


Rental of 120.0 HP Air-Cooled Chiller at Shell Refining Plant, Port Dickson

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