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Total Aircond Solution

Our company offers a wide range of Aircond solutions to cover for all your air conditioning needs. In this product category, we understand that any Aircond solution plays many roles. During warm conditions, it has to provide its users with comfort cooling while providing heat at night and during the cold days. In addition, it should also be capable of maintaining the indoor air at high quality standards by availing clean, fresh air. The Aircond solution must do all these jobs efficiently and quietly without consuming so much of the valuable space. In most applications, Aircond solutions provide more efficient heating compared to the traditional heating system and thus helps to minimize carbon emissions.

To ensure that your Aircond solution continues to perform optimum, we undertake regular inspections according to prescribed methodologies. The primary objective of assessing Aircond solutions is to provide operators and building owners with useful information about the equipment performance and to identify various opportunities that can help reduce the operating cost by saving energy. As such, once your order this product from us, you can count on us to offer you the necessary installation and maintenance services.

You can get both the packed and split Aircond solutions from our company. Multiple unit installations in office blocks and multi storey buildings are also provided. This includes all types of HVAC solutions ranging from air handling units and fan coil units to air cooled chiller system and water cooled chiller system. You can get all types of Aircond solutions, including Air Cooled Split Type, air cooled chiller unit, air cooled ducted type, air cooled unit, water cooled package, water cooled chiller type, A.H.U type and panel Aircond type among others.

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We provide all types of Aircond Solution included Air Cooled Split Type, Air Cooled Ducted Type, Air Cooled Chiller Unit, Air Cooled Unit, Water Cooled Chiller Type, Water Cooled Package, A.H.U. Type, Panel Air Cond Type, etc (From 0.5 HP to 100 HP & Above)

All types of Aircond Solutions

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