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Vibration Springs

Vibration springs are small parts having springs installed on the footing of a motor or machine. The springs help in avoiding or reducing the vibrations during the operation of the motor or machine. The vibration springs offer some critical benefits and are highly recommended for use for many reasons. Vibration springs help to protect the motor or machine and significantly reduces the maintenance cost of the machine.

Calculation of vibration springs can be done in a simple way. Start by finding out the weight of your machine or motor. Multiply the product weight by 1.3 and then get the footing or holding capacity per vibration. Most industrial plants are now increasingly using the vibration springs to minimize transmission of noise, vibration or shock produced by mechanical equipment in industries or within building structures. Typical vibration springs are fitted on a wide range of equipment such as pumps, cooling towers, fans, chillers, rooftop units, compressors and boilers. When choosing vibration springs, there are various factors that you will need to consider like the actual characteristics of products you wish to control the vibration in.

The size of the equipment will need to be taken into account as these dimensions will be used to ascertain the appropriate kind of vibration spring. For instance, small equipment or machines can use just one vibration spring while larger equipment requires multiple vibration springs. Size will in most cases go hand in hand with weight as specific vibration springs are designed to be used in certain weight range. Equipment and machines with moving parts can affect vibration springs and you should know the speed, mass and distance at which moving parts travel. They are used in industrial areas, labs and indoor or outdoor facilities.

What is Vibration Springs ?
Vibration Springs is a small parts with springs installed at the footing of a machine or motor to reduce or avoid the vibration during the machine or motor operating.

Benefits for using Vibration Springs

-Protect the machine or motor
- Save Machine maintenance cost
- Free maintenance cost for the spring

How to calculate your Vibration Springs ?

Just take 3 easy step ~
Step 1: Find out your product / machine / motor weight
Step 2: Product Weight x 1.3 = A
Step 3: A/4 (FOOTING) = Holding Capacity Per Vibration Spring

Vibration Spring Parts & Accessories

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