COPE Oil Chiller

In today’s world, the oil chiller is one of the substantial capital investments and greatly contributes to the cost of operation in institutions and commercial facilities. In most of the organizations with an oil cooler, it is the largest single user of energy and requires comprehensive maintenance to enhance efficient operation and reliability.

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Oil chillers can constantly provide coolant to control heat generation at the headstock, hence eliminating the thermal deviation. This function is helpful to improve machine processing accuracy. Every point and line of welding on the machine has a leakage test done using fluoroscope detector. Our products have been tested by special COTS and the unit also comes with its own individual testing records.

Oil chillers can be used for wide range of industrial applications like machine tools, cutting machine, plastic injection molding machine, grinding machine, CNC machine etc.


  • A refrigeration system and an automatic control system.
  • Oil liquid cycle system is also included and integrated in the entire system.
  • The unit and the machine have a co- step panel for controlling temperature to ensure that the machine perform in a stable manner and to prolong the life of the spindle.
  • An automatic detecting feature in the machine is used to detect any mistakes that could happen.
  • The H- precision temperature and Micro- Processor controller are used to control and adjust the temperatures by +/ – 0.1 degrees.
  • Argon welding of the oil containers and steel panel in the oil chiller ensures that the oil container and the panel are of exceptionally high quality.

Optional features:

1) Oil Tank for cooled oil
2) Caster wheels for ease of moving around

Different types of oil chillers we provide:

(i) Oil Chiller without Oil Tank
(ii) Oil Chiller with Oil Tank
(iii) Immersion type Oil Chiller
(iv) Anti High Temperature Oil Chiller

*Oil Chiller can also be custom-made according to customer’s preferences.

(I) Oil Chiller Without Oil Tank

(II) Oil Chiller With Oil Tank

(III) Immersion Type Oil Chiller

(IV) Anti High Temperature Oil Chiller