COPE Portable Air Conditioners

Our Portable Air Conditioners are manufactured and designed elaborately and come with an advanced sealed rotary compressor, highly efficient heat exchanger and transmitter, hydrophilic membrane inner thread etc.

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Why Cope Portable Air-Cond:

  • Runs with either 407C or R410A refrigerant, both of these refrigerants are environmental-friendly.
  • Generally lighter compared to Portable Air Cond provided elsewhere.
  • Can be used immediately after purchase without any further installation.
  • Our products have successfully passed tests and inspections done by relevant experts and departments to ensure that it meet the expected air conditioning standards.


  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Can be used through multiple air vents or through a single air vent.
  • The air vents can be extended; the position of the air vent can also be changed manually and freely according to your preferences.
  • The heat air vent can also be extended to discharge the heat outside of the desired environment.


It can be applicable to a wide range of area including the cooling of equipment such as CNC equipment, computer controller.