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Compressor Motor

There are five major types of compressor motor used in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. The reciprocating motor is mostly used in medium and small sized commercial refrigeration system. The screw compressor motor is used in industrial and large commercial air conditioning systems. Rotary motor is used in light commercial and residential air conditioning systems. The scroll compressor motor is also used in light commercial and residential air conditioning systems. The last type of compressor motor, centrifugal is extensively used for air conditioning systems in large buildings. The compressor basically acts like a pump and it is used for pressurizing the refrigerant.

The compressor motor plays a key role in the refrigeration cycle and in air conditioning systems at home. This cycle is continuous and ensures that the system stays cool all the time. The compressor in the refrigeration systems compresses gas and heats up after compression. At the back of the refrigerator, there are coils, which allow the gas to dissipate its heat and the gas is condensed into liquid at a high pressure. The liquid, which is now under a high pressure, flows via the expansion valve which is more or less like a small hole. One side of this hole comprises of high pressure liquid and the other side of this hole is the low pressure area and it is where the compressor sucks gas.

The liquid gas boils and vaporizes immediately and its pressure drops considerably. As a result, the inside part of the air conditioner or refrigerator gets cold. The compressor sucks the gas and this cycle is repeated. We supply all the above highlighted types of compressor motor and we also install it in your system. Whether you are looking for a motor to fit in your residential air conditioning system or commercial plant, you can get it from us.

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Emerson Copeland


Compressor Model
COPELAND ( ZR61, ZR72, ZR94, ZR125, ZR144, ZR190, ZR250, ZR310 ) Etc.
BITZER ( 2EC2.2Y, 4EC3.2Y, 4EC4.2Y, 4EC5.2Y, 4EC6.2Y, 4EC8.2Y, 4EC10.2Y, 6EC25.2Y, 6EC50.2Y ) Etc.
BRISTOL ( H2NG094 , H2NG104 , H2NG124 , H2NG144, H2NG184, H2NG204, H2NG294 ) Etc.
CARLYLE ( 06EA250, 06EA265, 06EA275, 06EA299 ) Etc.
DANFOSS / PERFORMER ( SM084, SM100, SM125 , SM148, SM160 , SM185 , SM300 ) Etc.
MANEUROP ( MT64, MT80, MT100, MT125, MT144, MTZ80, MTZ100, MTZ125, MTZ144 ) Etc.
DAIKIN ( JT90, JT125 , JT160 , JT300 ) Etc.
HANBELL ( RC2-100 , RC2-140, RC2-200 , RC2-300, RC2-320, RC2-370 ) Etc.

Five (5) major types of compressors motor are used in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry.

Used most frequently in small and medium-sized commercial refrigeration system.

Reciprocating Compressor Motor

Used in large commercial and industrial system

Screw Compressor Motor

Used in residential and light commercial air-conditioning

Rotary Compressor Motor

Used in residential and light commercial air-conditioning

Scroll Compressor Motor

Used extensively for air-conditioning in large buildings

Centrifugal Compressor Motor

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