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The portable air conditioner is a product that is manufactured and designed elaborately and comes with an advanced sealed rotary compressor, high efficient heat exchanger and transmitter, hydrophilic membrane inner thread, etc. The product has successfully passed the test and inspection done by relevant experts and departments to ensure that it meet the expected air conditioning standards. Its unique characteristics make it an awesome product to consider for anyone looking for small volume, stable performance, light weight, reliability and safety.

The main advantage offered by the portable air conditioner is convenience in usage and customers can start using the product immediately after purchasing it from the store. As such, there is no any kind of installation required, which also makes it much more affordable to most customers in addition to being highly convenient. This product is applicable widely in various locations, which have local cooling effect requirements. For instance, the portable air conditioner is extremely useful in providing cooling to equipments or operations like computer controllers and CNC equipments, especially in big workshops that do not have a typical air conditioner to avail the rather important cooling effects.

This equipment comes with numerous benefits that you definitely can’t afford to overlook. You can, for instance, place it outdoors or indoors and give out a fresh wind. Depending on your needs, you can use multiple vents or just one of them to give the wind. Also cold air vents in the machine rotate freely. You can also change the position of cold air vent freely and manually. In addition, heat air vent can be extended to discharge the heat outdoor which is also an additional advantage. Nowadays, it is important that you buy the right air conditioner for your needs and the portable air conditioner offers advantages that a typical air conditioning system can’t avail.

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This products is elaborately designed and manufactured with advanced rotary sealed compressor, hydrophilic membrane inner thread and high efficient heat transmitter and exchanger etc. and it has passed the test & inspection by related experts & departments. It has characteristics of small volume, light weight, stable performance, safety and reliability etc.

It is convenient to use and it can be used immediately after the purchase without installation. It can be widely applicable in the locations that have requirements to the local cooling effect, e.g., the cooling to the operations or equipments such as CNC equipments, computer controllers etc. in the big type of workshops without air-conditioner.

Portable Air Conditioner

* This equipment can be placed indoors or outdoors
* Give out fresh wind
* Can use one or multiple vents to give out the wind
* The cold air vents can rotate freely
* The cold air vent position can also be freely changed manually
* The heat air vent can extend up to discharge heat outdoors

Portable Airconditioner Specification
View as PDF
Portable Airconditioner Specification
View as PDF
Portable Airconditioner Specification
View as PDF
Portable Airconditioner Specification
View as PDF

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